Step 1 : Sign into AppWatch here . Once logged in, make sure you have enough credits for the scan. A single app scan requires 20 AppWatch credits, which you can buy by going to the Manage Payments section. 

Step 2 : In the AppWatch dashboard, you can scan applications for security issues in two ways - 

  • Uploading the Application Binary (Follow Step 3a) 
  • Scanning from the Google PlayStore. (Follow Step 3b) 

Step 3a : In the Upload Application section shown below, give it a Analysis Name, and upload the application binary (Android apk files) by click on Choose File.    

Step 3b : In case you don't have the application binary, and want to scan the application already published on the Google PlayStore, use the Fetch from Google Play Section. You can start typing in an app name you want to scan in the Search for an application text box. 


Step 4 : Once you have successfully specified the app to be scanned, AppWatch will start scanning the application for all possible security issues. 

Wait for a while for the scan to get completed. Once the scan is finished, you can view the security report by going to the Scan History section.  It should show you a security report of the application along with all the vulnerabilities identified. 

That's all for this guide. Feel free to let us know (by opening a ticket) if something didn't work as expected or you require more details on any of the above mentioned steps.